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Expert WorldSpan scripting.

Cornerstone ResQCX and iQCX programmer.  I am currently on contract with Cornerstone.

Agency technology consulting.

Innovative, efficiency based solutions.

Over 25 years of industry experience.

I have been providing outstanding, reliable travel technology services for over 25 years.  Let me help you design and implement an automation plan for your agency.  In today's market, it is essential that your front line agents be highly productive while following agency and corporate requirements. To make this process easier while improving quality a blended solution of programmable keys, macros, edits, scripts and quality checks should be applied.  Unlike direct GDS or quality control vendor assistance, my services provide support for the complete solution using all tools available to the agency.

Improved front, mid and back office automation will benefit your bottom line.  reporting will be more accurate, quality will be enhanced, communication between departments will improve, and redundant and unnecessary practices can be eliminated.  Leisure agents will benefit from increased productivity, ease of use, simplification of uncommon tasks, and improved client documentation.  Along with the previously mentioned benefits, corporate agents will also realize greater consistency of product, better standardization of procedures, broader policy compliance, and many other quality and productivity improvements.

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